Sunday, 10 November 2013

Intensive Interaction and PECS

Haven't updated so much recently, partly because II is starting to shift from a separate 'session' scheduled into the day to an approach that is embedded in everything and in every random moment of the day.  There is therefore too much to record sometimes!

There have been a lot of great developments over the last few weeks though. One of these is that we're getting better at integrating II and PECS together.  I think PECS is fully compatible with II providing that it is genuinely enabling the person to make choices and influence their environment.  A particularly good example of the two working together is with nursery rhymes,which M. finds very highly motivating. So typically we would wait until she initiates a nursery rhyme session (Scenario A) - typically by dragging us over to the piano, pulling out the piano stool and physically making us sit down! - although this morning she also verbalised 'play' as an instruction which was great.  Then we produce her PECS choice board so she can choose which songs she wants.  She has a very consistent order of preferences - always 'Twinkle twinkle' first, then 'I can sing a rainbow', then 'The wheels on the bus', 'Five little speckled frogs' and 'Hickory dickory dock'.  There are fourteen songs to choose from in total.  If both of us are available one will play the piano and the other will do behavioural mirroring of her dancing to the music which she loves.  Typically the PECS is Phase 3B (handing over sentence strip with I want + item), occasionally there is verbalisation (Phase 4).

I think the two work well together because PECS enables choices to be made on a practical level, whereas II addresses the deeper problem of motivation to initiate - something M. struggled with because we started PECS very early.  The problem at the time was that she cognitively grasped the PECS process but still didn't fundamentally feel motivated to approach another human being and communicate (in any mode).  II works on that initiation as a 'Fundamental of Communication' - spontaneous initiations (usually gestural or PECS based) have become more frequent because of the II contribution to the process.

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