Sunday, 24 November 2013

II and Echolalia

A post about R. (for a change)...

I was talking to R.'s one-to-one play worker about his speech.  She said that she finds the 'ready, steady (wait to build anticipation) GO!' sequence good for children prone to scripting and echolalia (a very pronounced tendency with R. these days) as it reinforces the message that language 'does stuff' (the functional, pragmatic use of language).

I found this quite interesting because I tend to think of II objectives either in terms of Fundamentals of Communication outcomes (reciprocity, turn-taking, eye contact, engagement etc.etc.) or else the social inclusion aspect.  I don't tend to think so much about what II can do for the higher-functioning/ Aspergers children (perhaps due to the focus of my academic research).  However I can totally see the logic of what she's saying there.

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