Sunday, 20 October 2013

Best session ever!

We were on the bed generally bouncing around with vocal and behavioural mirroring.  M. was squinting up at the ceiling light as she often does and said something that sounded like 'I see the light'.  I repeated 'I see the light' and she just turned and looked right into my eyes and smiled with delight - I knew I'd got it right, and I was 'in there' because I'd understood.  The next 10 minutes were really intense as a result - she said 'I see window', 'I see light', 'I see eyes' (pointing to my eyes), then got my finger and pointed to eyes, nose and mouth in turn, waiting for me to label each one.  The sense of connection was unbelievable and it gave me a glimpse of the level M. can operate at when conditions are optimal.

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